Buy Baby Innerwear Online In Pakistan
Baby Inner wears are available at Blessed Baby. Blessed Baby offers Vest, Thermal Suits, Underwears and Panties, Hi-Neck and Round Neck T-Shirts in this innerwear category. These are all available to newborn babies up to 10 years old. Prices are starting from rupees 145 in this category.

Vest For Baby
There are 6 types of vest, each type has different qualities and features and all are made up of Hosiery Cotton which are more skin friendly than the ones usually available in the markets. For example some are stretchable so your baby can feel more comfortable in it. Some are front open so you can easily open the vest from front for changing and it helps a lot in nursing because you don’t have to change your baby’s position again and again.

Thermal Suits For Baby
Thermal Suits are available for newborn and separately available for above 1 year, meaning you can buy shirt and trouser separately. It helps especially in winters to protect your baby from cold by wearing them inside baby’s clothing. All these Thermals are available in skin colour.

Underwears and Panties For Baby
Underwears are available for boys in packs of 3 sets and in two colour options. First colour option is in white colour and the second option is in random dark colours like brown, blue and grey etc. Just like that Panties are also available for Girls, in the same two options.

Baby T-Shirts For Innerwear
Hi-Neck and Round Neck T-Shirts are also available in different colours like red, skin, navy blue, black, white, pink etc. These are also stretchable. Most mothers buy this for their babies for wearing inside formal clothing in the cold weather but you should keep in mind while purchasing T-Shirts for innerwear that it’s not that thick like thermal so if it’s too cold, you should go for thermal suits instead of these T-Shirts.

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